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Partnership Strategies for Radiologists

One of the key benefits to partnering with Vista Radiology involves our cost-effective strategies for round-the-clock support of our partners…making a positive impact toward managing your costs. As East Tennessee’s largest and most-subspecialized radiology practice, we offer 24/7 radiological solutions in a variety of innovative ways to support smart business decisions.

PACS, RIS, IT and Advanced Connectivity: Overcoming Time, Distance and System Barriers

Vista Radiology has the physicians, processes and technologies to ensure reliable and complete coverage, making high-quality radiology care available 24/7. Our teleradiology solutions include secure, trustworthy provision of preliminary or final interpretations specifically designed for night call, sub-specialty interpretations and overflow control.

Vista Radiology’s innovative web-based PACS capability enables the practice to engage client hospitals and healthcare facilities with cutting- edge digital technology. Investment in wide-area connectivity and CISCO acceleration technology enables Vista to realize near “in-house” speeds when interpreting images. The combination allows Vista to meet turn-around and quality standards demanded in the acute care setting.

Vista’s Radiology Information System (RIS) is key to interfacing with facilities. We are capable of more than “just receiving films” extending to full bi-directional interfaces for orders, dictation, transcription, medical records and signed final reports.

Staffing Solutions: Ideal for Manpower Challenges

Recent technology investments allow Vista Radiology to be readily available in times of staffing challenges, serving as a reliable, secure resource for hospitals and physician practices. For example:

Our expertise, physician manpower and technology offers immediate sub-specialty radiology coverage to the hospital community and nearby residents. Instead of hiring a locum tenens, Vista can supply medical expertise to fill in the gap, use technology to assist and stay connected, and leverage sub-specialties to facilitate an accurate diagnosis.

Our flexibility to provide either on-site or off-site temporary coverage assists our client radiologists in containing costs, guaranteeing adequate coverage and ensuring quality.

Vista has a solid history in providing relief solutions during these types of personnel shortages. (Once, a hospital experienced a no-show situation with a locum tenens. With only a four-day notice, Vista stepped in to provide its services, ultimately preventing a crisis for the hospital.)


Vista Radiology’s night call solutions will provide your hospital with the same level of quality and service they expect from your practice. A small group of fellowship trained radiologists will cover your hospital in regular, weeklong shifts. This provides two benefits. First, the regularity of coverage will encourage a heightened level of familiarity and confidence between the radiologists, emergency physicians and technologists. Second, the hospital will appreciate having far fewer physicians to credential than with impersonal national firms.

Billing and Management

Vista has a complete billing company and administrative staff than can assist radiologists with customized management solutions. Contract management, benefit administration, billing, coding and revenue cycle excellence are a few of the services we can offer.