A Patient Story – Jane

A Patient Story – Jane

It was Thursday morning and Jane was sitting at her kitchen table. She had just finished breakfast when she lost her balance and fell off her chair into the floor. Jane tried to pick herself up but was unable to move. She had difficulty breathing and told her husband to grab the phone from her pocket. Jane, age 77, is the primary caregiver of her husband, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. With her urging, he went to a neighbor for help.

When the EMT personnel arrived, they knew immediately that Jane was suffering from a stroke. She recalled the paramedic announcing, “She has to go to Knoxville,” bypassing the local hospital. Jane does not remember many details but recalled that a nurse, from the stroke team, advised her to be very still because it was an emergency. During the procedure Jane heard, Dr. Keith Woodward, Neuro-Interventional Radiologist with Vista Radiology, announcing, “We got it. You had a blood clot.” Jane could feel pain near her right ear as the clot was removed. Following her procedure, she experienced some drawing on her right side but was talking and alert.

After discussion with Jane’s family, the doctors learned that earlier that week, she had a routine tooth extraction. Jane was advised to stop her normal blood thinning medication. She decided to wait until the following day to restart because the bleeding was so heavy. Three days later, she suffered the stroke.

Jane is back to one mile walks three mornings a week and is able to care for her husband again. “The Lord had everyone lined up for me that day,” said Jane. When she met Dr. Woodward for a follow up visit, she expressed her extreme gratitude. “I gave him a big hug for saving my life,” she exclaimed.

Physician Highlight: Gayle Roulier, M.D.

Physician Highlight:
Gayle Roulier, M.D.

Born in Dearborn, Michigan, Gayle Roulier was the first in her family to attend medical school. She graduated from Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit followed by residency from Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn.

Dr. Roulier chose the field of Radiology because it offers unique and exciting challenges requiring a diverse knowledge of medicine. She also values the opportunity to problem solve alongside a variety of medical specialists. “Mammography adds the bonus of direct patient interaction allowing for physical correlation, patient education and participation in patient care,” said Dr. Roulier. She goes on to explain, “My greatest challenge is diagnosing cancer early and accurately while at the same time minimizing physical, emotional and financial stress to the patient.”

When Dr. Roulier completed her Women’s Imaging Fellowship at Magee Women’s Hospital at University of Pittsburgh, PA, in 1996, she became part of an elite group of fellowship trained mammography imagers. Her partnership with the Vista Radiology group in 1996 allowed her to bring updated practices to patients and physicians in the Knoxville and surrounding areas.

Her dedication to high quality patient care led Dr. Roulier, with the help of local surgeons and the Thompson Oncology Group, to start the regions first multidisciplinary breast clinic allowing for a team approach to breast cancer treatment. “Patients used to receive a diagnosis followed by multiple delays. Now, they meet with a team of multi-specialty physicians who present a treatment plan that was thoughtfully laid out during conference discussions,” explained Dr. Roulier. The patient is then paired with a nurse navigator who works closely with the team of physicians. She continued, “This approach results in reduced patient appointments and ensures coordinated care.”

In her spare time, Dr. Roulier enjoys her husband and five sons. She loves the outdoors and being on the move running, hiking, horseback riding, gardening and camping. On a quiet afternoon, you might find her reading, cross stitching or working her favorite puzzle.

Physician Highlight: Travis Wright, M.D.

Physician Highlight:
Travis Wright, M.D.

Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Travis Wright’s first introduction to East Tennessee was as a recruit for the University of Tennessee swim team. It was during undergraduate studies in Knoxville that he met his wife, a former Lady Vol. The couple moved back to Louisiana where Travis attended medical school at Louisiana State University followed by a residency at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis. Upon completing his residency, Dr. Wright and his wife looked for an opportunity in a smaller community which led them to Morristown, Tennessee where he serves as a Diagnostic Radiologist at Morristown-Hamblen Medical Center.

When asked why he chose the field of radiology, Dr. Wright explained, “I loved every area of my rotations, but radiology really stood out to me. It gives me an opportunity to have an impact on many patients ranging from trauma and cancer to undiagnosed pain and infections.” He admits health situations with his family and loved ones have been a major motivator in his work. “You take a special interest in areas of medicine that have most impacted your life,” he shared. Dr. Wright prides himself on the breadth of his work but holds a special place for Women’s and Community Imaging.

Living in the community where he works is really important to Dr. Wright. “I want my patients to know that they are being cared for by their neighbor,” he shared. He explained, “I have a good understanding of what care is available in my community as well as when a specialized case needs to be forwarded to my colleagues in Knoxville.” Dr. Wright admits that the variety of cases he sees is one of his biggest challenges but also one of the greatest rewards of his role.

In his spare time, you’ll find Dr. Wright working on his farm, raising goats, honeybees, and chickens, as well as spending time with his family and church community.

Physician Highlight: Michael Meadows, M.D.

Physician Highlight:
Michael Meadows, M.D.

Originally from the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia, Dr. Meadows served in the Marine Corps for 6 years before attending medical school at Marshall University. Following a family medicine residency, he was in private practice for nine years, during which time he also served in the U.S. Navy Reserve as a medical doctor. After the events of 9/11, Dr. Meadows was recalled to active duty for a 3-year tour in family medicine. In 2007, he was requested by the Navy to retrain as a radiologist immediately followed by a Fellowship in musculoskeletal (MSK) radiology. He subsequently became the Chief of Radiology at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital in Virginia. At the time of his military retirement, CAPT Meadows was serving as the Senior Medical Officer of the Physical Evaluation Board for the Secretary of the United States Navy.

When asked why he chose a career in radiology, Dr. Meadows explains, “As a primary care doctor, I most enjoyed the challenges of the diagnostic portion of medicine. I was always very impressed with how radiologists are instrumental for diagnosing patients, and I knew I would enjoy being in that role.” He explained how the advancements in technology also peaked his interests in radiology. “We can see things now that previously could only be seen during a patient’s surgery. With MRI and PET imaging advancements, we’re able to use physiology to determine what is wrong.” When asked what the most challenging part of his role is, he admitted, “You have to be as accurate as possible every time. You’re looking for the fine detail that can guide treatment and possibly save someone’s life.”

Dr. Meadows and his wife were originally from small towns, so it was no surprise that upon his retirement, they set out in search of a new community in East Tennessee. During a visit to the Morristown, Tennessee area, he said, “We knew immediately that it had the feel of ‘home’ and was just what we were looking for.” He and his wife are excited about his joining the Vista Radiology group and to begin working in their new community.

When Dr. Meadows is not serving his neighbors at the Morristown-Hamblen Medical Center, you will find him woodworking, attending his grandchildren’s ballgames, or working on his 1959 Chris-Craft wooden boat.

Hometown Radiologists Strive to Improve Care to Their Community

Hometown Radiologists Strive to Improve Care to Their Community

Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare System is proud to welcome our very own hometown physicians Dr. Michael Meadows and Dr. Travis Wright to our radiology team.

Dr. Meadows, originally from Virginia, and his wife began exploring nearby cities following his retirement from the United States Navy.  That is when they stumbled upon the Morristown area.  When visiting nearby Mooresburg he shared, “The area has every feel of ‘home’ that my wife and I were looking for in our next season of life.”  To no surprise, the couple found land to build a home and began exploring ways to invest in their new community.

Dr. Wright, originally from Louisiana, admits he and his wife loved the idea of being in a community where they could make a difference. “I want my patients to know that they are being cared for by their neighbor,” shared Dr. Wright.  The former University of Tennessee swimmer was excited to return to the area and establish a home with his wife and two boys.

“Dr. Travis Wright has been providing excellent care to our patients for several years, and we welcome Dr. Meadows to our team.  Dr. Wright, Dr. Meadows, Dr. Woodward and other VISTA radiologists will serve our community well,” said Gordon Lintz, president and chief administrative officer.

Both physicians will serve as diagnostic radiologists for Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare System overseeing a wide-range of patient care.  “We are excited about the opportunity to serve Morristown and the surrounding areas with physicians who live in the communities where they serve,” shared Aaron Shoopman, VISTA Radiology administrator.

When outside of the hospital, you’ll find Dr. Meadows honing his woodworking skills or enjoying time with his two grandchildren while Dr. Wright is hard at work on his family farm raising goats and caring for his honeybees.