Physician Highlight: Sidney C. Roberts, III, M.D.

Physician Highlight:
Sidney C. Roberts, III, M.D.

Born in Knoxville, TN, Sid Roberts attended Webb School of Knoxville before pursuing a medical degree from the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center in Memphis. Dr. Roberts’ father, and Endodontist, encouraged Sid to explore the sciences which ultimately led to his pursuit of medicine.

Dr. Roberts moved to Washington, DC, where he attended Georgetown, with the intent of becoming a pediatrician. During his studies, he encountered a pediatric radiologist who changed the course of his future. Dr. Leftridge was a compassionate and highly involved radiologist. “He was my role model and one of the most influential men in my career,” explained Dr. Roberts. After one year, Dr. Roberts officially switched his field of study to radiology.

He completed his residency at George Washington University and Fellowship at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC. When asked why he chose to specialize in pediatric radiology, Dr. Roberts explains, “Using my knowledge and skills to help children has always been my goal. Radiology allows me to be involved in patient care as well as enjoy the magic of body imaging.” Dr. Roberts admits that keeping up with changes in medicine makes his role challenging. He adds, “I like the variety and unending changes in technology. I love the ability to move from puzzle to puzzle throughout my day.”

Dr. Roberts was pleased to return to his hometown and join the Vista Radiology group. In his spare time, he enjoys riding bikes, hiking, and being outdoors with his wife and children.


Patient Story: Mamosa

A Patient Story: Mamosa

September 4th was a normal morning for Mamosa Foster until she stepped out of her bed and fell to the floor. Her daughter heard her fall and immediately went to her side to ask what was wrong. Mrs. Foster could hear her daughter speak, but she was unable to respond.

Mrs. Foster was unable to tell the paramedics her daughter’s name. When she arrived at Fort Sanders Hospital’s Emergency Room, they informed her daughter she was having a stroke. The staff provided her daughter paperwork and shared the odds of her mother making a full recovery. Needless to say, it was a scary uncertain time.

In the ER, Mrs. Foster recalled being awake and hearing the medical team ask her a number of questions. She laughed as she reflected on how loudly they peppered her with questions. They thought she could not hear them. In reality, she simply could not respond. Following her surgery, she greeted her family by speaking to them. They were shocked and grateful for her recovery. The next day, Mrs. Foster returned home.

When Mrs. Foster reflected on the incident, she proudly shared, “My being taken to Fort Sanders that day and the fact that Dr. Hixson was there to help me was truly a God thing.” Dr. Hixson told her that as soon as he removed the blood clot on her brain, she began speaking to everyone. Mrs. Foster continued, “Dr. Hixson said there was no sign I ever had a stroke. God took care of me and guided his hands.”

Mrs. Foster, a retired school principal, is thrilled to be back to work as a consultant with Knox County Schools.

Physician Highlight: Gayle Roulier, M.D.

Physician Highlight:
Gayle Roulier, M.D.

Born in Dearborn, Michigan, Gayle Roulier was the first in her family to attend medical school. She graduated from Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit followed by residency from Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn.
Dr. Roulier chose the field of Radiology because it offers unique and exciting challenges requiring a diverse knowledge of medicine. She also values the opportunity to problem solve alongside a variety of medical specialists. “Mammography adds the bonus of direct patient interaction allowing for physical correlation, patient education and participation in patient care,” said Dr. Roulier. She goes on to explain, “My greatest challenge is diagnosing cancer early and accurately while at the same time minimizing physical, emotional and financial stress to the patient.”

When Dr. Roulier completed her Women’s Imaging Fellowship at Magee Women’s Hospital at University of Pittsburgh, PA, in 1996, she became part of an elite group of fellowship trained mammography imagers. Her partnership with the Vista Radiology group in 1996 allowed her to bring updated practices to patients and physicians in the Knoxville and surrounding areas.

Her dedication to high quality patient care led Dr. Roulier, with the help of local surgeons and the Thompson Oncology Group, to start the regions first multidisciplinary breast clinic allowing for a team approach to breast cancer treatment. “Patients used to receive a diagnosis followed by multiple delays. Now, they meet with a team of multi-specialty physicians who present a treatment plan that was thoughtfully laid out during conference discussions,” explained Dr. Roulier. The patient is then paired with a nurse navigator who works closely with the team of physicians. She continued, “This approach results in reduced patient appointments and ensures coordinated care.”

In her spare time, Dr. Roulier enjoys her husband and five sons. She loves the outdoors and being on the move running, hiking, horseback riding, gardening and camping. On a quiet afternoon, you might find her reading, cross stitching or working her favorite puzzle.